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According to market research firm IDC, companies lose 20 to 30% in revenue every year due to inefficiencies.

So why not use business automation software to improve efficiency in your business transactions?

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Imagine this multi-million dollar technology available to your business for relatively low cost.  No matter what size your business is, Biz Manager Online brings you a secure unified suite of applications but keeping everything integrated, efficiently trackable and under control with business automated workflow.  Your departments connect seamlessly.  You can meet your company’s needs by creating a custom business operating system to do the thinking and analysis – even project management – for you.  We create complete business automation workflow solutions that operate 24/7 at minimal cost and require minimal onboarding for the client. Our solution uses a proprietary mapping concept that brings together dozens of different applications seamlessly into an easy-to-use cost-effective solution for business operating systems. Even if you don’t understand PaaS and SaaS, your business and KPIs will be instantly available wherever you are at any time.

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The Sky's The Limit

A Fully Integrated Office and Supply Chain System without having to learn new software

As you create a repeatable and scalable business model, every aspect of your business can be integrated into one single dashboard PaaS system so you can view,  refine and improve processes throughout your business.

  • Consolidate and scale your Financial Management & KPI’s.
  • Optimize Supply Chain, Order and Inventory tracking.
  • Increase real time Forecasting and Reporting.
  • Eliminate manual processes with automation and streamlining.
  • Effective software project management.
  • Handle your HR needs – easy onboarding and offboarding.
  • Synchronize customers, vendors, accounts, HR, workflow, & supply chain.

Today intelligent business technology can automate all your business processes.  You can see your success factors instantly.  Monitor your company and your KPI’s from home, the boat, or  anywhere in the world (updated in minutes).  This is a user-friendly integrated, cloud based secure platform.  It breaks down silos between departments and synchronizes them to boost performance and connect every aspect of your business.  To put it simply, you can make management easier for yourself.

business automation software
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We Solve Real Problems

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Your employees will have time to focus and provide excellent service for your customers and sales.  Support your salesforce with an effective sales management tool to allow more time for team building activities.  You’ll see at a glance what everyone is achieving.  Imagine having the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you can actually view your strategic business goals and performance in real time.

So if you know your business workflow, Biz Manager Online can create a super efficient business operating system to think and fetch data and information for you and your staff.  Our experience is not only in finance, business and consulting – we go further and design and implement system solutions across a broad range of industries.  If you manage projects with Salesforce or or your accounting system is MYOB essentials online, with our CRM customization, we can incorporate your existing business automation software into the platform.

Our Clients are from all types of Businesses

Sales - Marketing - Product Management - Booking Systems - MLM - Tokenisation - NFT - Online Reports - Minting - Investment Reports - Accounting - KPI Tracking - Crypto Payments

Do You Want To Boost Your Business?

More than CRM software with cloud computing solutions for business. This is Multi Million Dollar technology – now available to the smallest businesses. Your customers won’t even know how you manage such efficiency and service from your small to medium sized business!

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