Advanced Hybrid Crypto Token Store

Fractional Real Estate Token Launched

Biz Manager Online today announced the launch of the website on behalf of iBlockX Investments. is the new age of tokenized real-estate and offers a new way for property investors to derive significant returns from property development and rental.

Features and benefits of the website developed by include.

  • Crypto e-store that manages the token purchase and distribution;
  • Fully integrated CRM and Accounting allowing KYC/AML compliance and tracking;
  • Automated Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) referral rewards system and back-office;
  • Administration and Management Back-Office with real time web site analytics, Sales Reporting and Analysis; Links to token public registries and Forms that allow updates for payments and CRM records

The solution contained in the website is a complete business solution that operates 24/7 at minimal cost and requires minimal onboarding for the client. The solution uses the proprietary mapping concept that brings together, in this case, 14 different applications seamlessly, into an easy-to-use solution. is owned by New Corporate Management Pty Ltd. an Australian company dedicated to providing fully integrated business solutions that automates an entire business or part of a management process. BMO’s goal is to improve productivity and reliability of the business at minimal costs by using state-of-the-art applications that compete with the world’s best in areas such as CRM, Marketing, Analytics, Accounting, Reporting, Business Automation and Processing at affordable prices.