Distributed Student Accommodation Reservation Solution

SMiB and KNUST to be provided with a fully automated solution

Biz Manager Online today announced the finalization of its development and testing of the STUDENT ACCOMMODATION MANAGEMENT AND RESERVATION solution on behalf of SMiB Corporation Limited. The management and reservation system allows students to select, reserve and pay for hostel beds. State-of-the-art affordable Student Hostels are being developed by SMiB at Ghana’s number one university: KNUST.  The reservation system offers a fully automated approach for Students to select, reserve and pay for beds.

Features and benefits Features and benefits of the Reservation and Management solution developed by Bizmanageronline.com include:

  • Ability to use the online solution to select from the available bed inventory and reserve and finally pay.
  • Fully integrated CRM and Accounting allowing for all students to have their rental contracts managed.
  • Automated e-signing of rental contracts during the reservation and payment process.
  • Online card payment
  • Administration and Management Back-Office with real time web site analytics, Sales Reporting, Building Maintenance, Inventory Management and Analysis.

The solution is a complete business solution that operates 24/7 at minimal cost and requires minimal onboarding for the client. It uses the bizmanageronline.com proprietary mapping concept that brings together, in this case, 18 different applications seamlessly into an easy-to-use solution.

Bizmanageronline.com is owned by New Corporate Management Pty Ltd. an Australian company dedicated to providing fully integrated business solutions that automates an entire business or part of a management process. BMO’s goal is to improve productivity and reliability of the business at minimal costs by using state-of-the-art applications that compete with the world’s best in areas such as CRM, Marketing, Analytics, Accounting, Reporting, Business Automation and Processing at affordable prices. .

About SMiB Corporation Limited:  www.smib.com is a provider of Affordable buildings. It is developing affordable student accommodation in Sub Saharan Africa and is presently commencing work at KNUST, Ghana’s number one University on a planned 10,000 student bed affordable hostel site. Eventually over 100 x 4 floor buildings will be built on-campus. SMiB operates in Ghana via its subsidiary Project & Deeds Ltd www.projectanddeeds.com